1. These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) contain information about Local connect (defined below as "LOCALCONNECT” and also referred to hereinafter as “we”, “us”, “our” or “ours”, as the context requires) and form the legal agreement between you and us for the use of the Customer Website/App. Please read this document carefully and review it regularly as we may update and amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice.


    1. LOCALCONNECT provides mobile applications and website technology that connects customers (“you” or “Customer”) who require home services to be performed, with service providers who are willing to perform those Jobs (“Service Providers”).

    2. You connect with Service Providers by booking Jobs on the Customer Website/App which are then assigned to Service Providers who operate in your geographical area and whose services match your requirements via the Service Provider App.

    3. Once a Job has been completed, LOCALCONNECT collects payment from you and pays the Service Provider. LOCALCONNECT takes a service fee (which is deducted from such payment) for: (I) introducing the parties; (ii) vetting and maintaining a network of reputable and competent Service Providers; and (iii) maintaining and developing the marketplace technology/platform. This service fee is taken at the same time payment is made to a Service Provider.

    4. LOCALCONNECT is not an employer of Service Providers or contracting agency and operates purely as a facilitator of the service transaction between you and the Service Provider by operating the Customer Website/App and the Service Provider App.

    5. No contract exists between LOCALCONNECT and you for the fulfilment of the Jobs and LOCALCONNECT has no control over the conduct of Service Providers nor the satisfactory completion of a Job, which is solely determined between the parties.

    6. You acknowledge that when you book a Job on the Customer Website/App you will be entering into a direct contract with the Service Provider. The terms of the contract entered into are set out below. However, the Customer and Service Provider are free to alter or modify such terms as they wish by mutual, express agreement. LOCALCONNECT is not a party to agreements entered into between you and the Service Providers.

    7. It is a condition of use of the Customer Website/App that you acknowledge you have complete control over your own conduct and LOCALCONNECT disclaims all liability in this regard.


    1. A core purpose of the Customer Website/App is to enable you to book Jobs and to connect you with suitably qualified Service Providers to carry out those Jobs. The Customer Website/App is not for use by anyone who does not intend to browse through Services and book a Job. You therefore agree that you will not in any circumstance use the Customer Website/App for any purpose other than book a Job or browse through Services in good faith for the purpose of booking a Job then or at some point in the future.

    2. We make no warranty that any part of the Customer Website/App will operate uninterrupted or error free and we accept no liability for loss or damage caused from any interruption or error in any part of the Customer Website/App.

    3. As a Customer using the Customer Website/App you:
      1. must be 18 years old or older; and
      2. must agree:
        1. to register and create an Account and utilise our Customer Website/App for your personal or business use only;

        2. not to authorise others to use your Account and you may not assign or transfer your Account to any other person or entity;

        3. to register only one Account per person; and

        4. To be responsible for keeping any registration details *confidential (including your password).

    4. The Customer Website/App is intended to be used in the India only and as a Customer you may only book Jobs that are to be completed within the India.

    5. We reserve the right to:
      1. refuse to provide access to the Customer Website/App to any individual, business or other entity at any time without explanation, consequence or liability; and

      2. Remove a service from the Customer Website/App with no obligation to give advance notice, and LOCALCONNECT shall not be liable for losses, costs or expenses arising from any such refusal or removal.

    6. You assume all risk when using the Customer Website/App, including, but not limited to, any risks associated with interacting with other people. You acknowledge that LOCALCONNECT is not able to guarantee the accuracy of information provided to you by other people and that you should confirm such information to your own satisfaction before you engage with them.

    7. Whilst LOCALCONNECT takes reasonable care in screening Service Providers, you are solely responsible for taking appropriate safety precautions in connection with your use of the Customer Website/App and the engagement of a Service Provider. You agree not to use the Customer Website/App in any unlawful manner and in particular you shall not:

      1. defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (including rights of privacy and publicity) of others;

      2. publish, book, upload, distribute or disseminate (“Post”) any inappropriate, defamatory, abusive, infringing, obscene, discriminatory or otherwise unlawful material;

      3. post any material that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret or other proprietary right of any person;

      4. cause the Customer Website/App or any part of it to be interrupted, damaged, rendered less efficient or such that the effectiveness or functionality of the Customer Website/App is in any way impaired; or

      5. Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Customer Website/App.

    8. Whilst we take steps to prevent misuse of our systems, we cannot warrant that the Customer Website/App will be free of viruses or other malicious code or content and accept no liability for loss or damage caused from the transmission of such content or code.


    1. In order to book a Job you must be registered as Customer though the Customer Website/App which is available for free download from Android Play Store, accessible via the LOCALCONNECT website.

    2. When completing the registration process you will be required to provide details including but not limited to your full name, email address and telephone number.

    3. You warrant that the information you provide during the registration process and when using the Customer Website/App is true, that it relates to you and is entirely accurate.

    4. You are responsible, and assume liability, for all information that you upload. Details of how LOCALCONNECT may use any information and content are provided in the Privacy Policy. LOCALCONNECT reserves the right, but is not under any obligation, to monitor information that is submitted to the Customer Website/App and Service Provider App and to remove such information or material that in our sole opinion violates any applicable law, either the letter or spirit of these Terms and Conditions, or upon the request of a third party.


    1. You can use our Customer Website/App to book a Job. Service rates will be calculated either per hour or per Job or after inspection of job as specified in the Job booking process. Each Job has a minimum price and it is your responsibility to check this price before booking.

    2. When booking a Job you will ensure that you give full and complete information regarding the work to be undertaken together with details of the history of items to be dealt with by the Service Provider (including details of breakdowns and faults) and relevant information about the Premises.

    3. Service Providers are for the most part expected to supply and use their own tools and equipment. Customers however are expected to supply the Service Providers offering a cleaning service with a mop and vacuum cleaner and other reasonable arrangements can be made for other trades.

    4. At the time you book a Job on the Customer Website/App we will pre-authorise, on the payment method added to the Account, payment of either:

      1. the minimum time period quoted for such Job; or

      2. The fixed Job price.

    5. LOCALCONNECT reserves the right not to accept certain payment methods.


    1. LOCALCONNECT will make suitable Service Providers in your geographical area aware of the Job you booked together with details of your requested date and time for it to be carried out. Your contact details and full address will be kept confidential until a Service Provider accepts your Job.

    2. A Service Provider may accept or reject the Job and we do not guarantee that you will receive a response to a booked Job. We will notify you if there are no suitable Service Providers operating in your area who are able to carry out your Job. At the point a Service Provider accepts the Job your information (including name and details of the Premises) will be provided to them.

    3. For:

      1. TODAYS jobs we provide an estimate of the arrival time by text, notification via the Customer Website/App or email which is indicative and may vary; and

      2. FUTURE jobs you request a booking time or booking window that works for you. LOCALCONNECT and the Service Provider each reserve the right to offer alternative dates and time slots if the Service Provider is unable to comply with the original requirements of your Job.

    4. LOCALCONNECT shall have no liability in the event that a Service Provider who accepted the Job is unable or unwilling to fulfil the Job at the requested time.

    5. In the event that:

      1. You do not give full and complete information at the time of booking a Job or the Service Provider is reasonably unable to assess the Job requirements remotely, then the Service Provider may, on arrival at the Premises, deem that Additional Work is required in order for the Job to be completed. In these circumstances the Customer and Service Provider shall agree the scope of, and fee for, such Additional Work before any work to perform the Job is commenced; or

      2. A Service Provider incurs additional Costs and Expenses they will agree these with you in advance and you shall be liable to pay for such Costs and Expenses on the production of a valid receipt or submission of a request for payment via the LOCALCONNECT Customer website/App.

    6. Additional Payments can be made via the Customer Website/App (which will incur a small fee payable by the Customer) or directly to the Service Provider and in any event must be authorised and paid before the Job is completed via the Service Provider App.

    7. If, once the Service Provider arrives at your premises, you require Additional Services to be provided these must be requested via a new Job booking on the Customer Website/App.

    8. You are advised to request sight of evidence of applicable trade accreditations, qualifications, registrations and proof of identification from the Service Provider prior to any work commencing at your Premises. Service Providers must agree to comply with any accreditation, registration, certification, qualification, experience or reasonable suitability evidence request submitted by you.

    9. You agree to treat the Service Provider with respect whilst completing the Job and be polite and courteous in your dealings with them.

    10. You agree to move all furniture and items to enable the Service Provider to have clear access to the Premises and for carrying out the Job.


    1. Notwithstanding any rights you may have to cancel any Jobs under the Consumer Contracts, you may cancel:

      1. a FUTURE Job via the Customer Website/App not less than 24 hours prior to the date on which a Job is scheduled to be commenced; and

      2. a TODAY Job via the Customer Website/App within 10 minutes of booking the Job, without charge.

    2. However, you may not cancel any Jobs without being liable for a cancellation fee:
      1. where at your express request, it has begun to be provided; or

      2. where you have not complied with the cancellation provisions at clause above.

      The amount payable in respect of the cancellation fee will depend upon the time of cancellation and the type of Job booked. For cancellation terms on each service email help@Localconnect.in, visit our general FAQs or read the FAQ section on each service.

    3. If the Service Provider arrives at the Premises and is unable to contact you or gain access to the Premises they will message and attempt to contact you for 20 minutes, after which you will be charged either

      1. the minimum number of hours for the Job; or

      2. the fixed Job price (as applicable) and the Job will be cancelled.

    1. Customers and Service Providers are encouraged to offer reviews for each other each time a Job is completed. You agree to provide a prompt review that is true and fully reflects your experience with the Service Provider with whom you have engaged. LOCALCONNECT reserves the right to terminate the Account of any Customer who repeatedly receives poor reviews or posts inaccurate or unjust or defamatory reviews.

    2. The reviews of Customers and Service Providers may be published on our Customer Website/App and the Service Provider App and may be viewed and considered by other Customers and Service Providers.


    1. If you are not satisfied that a Service Provider has completed the Job to the performance and/or quality that you may reasonably expect, you may initiate a Dispute with the Service Provider. In order for LOCALCONNECT to intervene as a mediator, this must be done within 2 days of the Job having been completed (or purported to be completed) by the Service Provider.

    2. Subject to clause below, LOCALCONNECT will not take part in a Dispute other than as a mediator.

    3. In the event of a Dispute the Parties hereby agree to act at all times reasonably and in good faith, to negotiate a settlement and hereby recognise that the responsibility for reaching a mutually agreed settlement lies between them. You acknowledge LOCALCONNECT is entitled to provide your details to the Service Provider in order to find a resolution, and may provide you with the Service Provider’s details. You agree to keep any information provided to you, about the Service Provider under the terms of this Agreement, confidential and only use it for the proper purpose.

    4. If LOCALCONNECT has been notified of the Dispute within 2 days of the Job being completed, and only if the Parties cannot reach resolution between themselves (having used all reasonable attempts to do so), the Dispute can be escalated to LOCALCONNECT by either party and we will offer a recommendation for settlement of the Dispute.

    5. The Parties shall at all times comply with all reasonable requests from LOCALCONNECT for the supply of information to support LOCALCONNECT in proposing a resolution to the Dispute. The Parties are under no obligation to accept any recommendation from LOCALCONNECT, unless agreed in advance.


  11. Customers are obligated to pay for the Services and applicable government taxes, unless specifically notified otherwise in terms of discount or free service or promotional service. Customers can pay using Internet Banking and/or credit/debit cards (“Bank Account”) through Localconnect’s payment gateway partners or could just pay the Localconnect Service Provider in cash after the Service is completed. Customer can also pay at the end of a completed Service transaction. For all purchases and payments for reimbursement costs, fees or expenses associated with a Service, Localconnect.in or Service Provider will charge your Bank Account according to the amount agreed upon between you and Localconnect.in for the use of the Service. Localconnect.in and / or Service Provider retains the right, in its sole discretion, to place a hold on any payment for a completed Service transaction.

    At Localconnect.in and Service Provider's discretion, refunds or credits may be granted in extenuating circumstances, as a result of specific refund guarantee promotions, or to correct any errors made by Localconnect.in.

    While Localconnect.in will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the security of all banking and other personal information, we expressly disclaim any liability for any damage that may result should any information be released to any third parties, and you agree to hold Localconnect.in harmless for any damages that may result therefrom. Localconnect.in will use third party services to process banking information. For further information regarding that Services, please contact Localconnect.in to request information about Localconnect.in's internet banking and other cashless transaction providers.

    You will be liable for all transaction taxes on the services provided under this Agreement (other than taxes based on Localconnect.in's income) as per applicable government norms.


    1. You agree not to offer jobs (or accept offers) privately to Service Providers you have previously engaged with through LOCALCONNECT.

    2. In the event you do request a Service Provider undertakes work (other than Additional Work) outside of the Customer Website/App, LOCALCONNECT:

      1. reserves the right to terminate your access to the Customer Website/App; and

      2. will not be able to mediate on any disputes in respect thereof, and

      3. you will not benefit from the protection offered via these Terms and Conditions in respect thereof.


  14. If you engage with a Service Provider who you feel has acted in an inappropriate way towards you, including but not limited to offensive, violent or sexually inappropriate behaviour you should immediately make a report to the appropriate authorities and then to LOCALCONNECT at help@Localconnect.in quoting the name and location stated in the details of the Job. Your report may cause us to investigate such behaviour but we are not obligated to take action beyond that which is required by law, and we will not incur any additional liability or expense.


  16. We process your data responsibly in line with the Applicable Data Protection Laws and our Privacy Policy.