Price : On Inspection

Service Details

Rs 249 is the minimum inspection/job charge and includes up to 30 mins of work. By placing this order, you agree to the terms and conditions for the same


    • Time Spent in getting the materials organised by the specialist from the market will be included in the hours counted
    • Parts replacement, material cost, transportation cost (if applicable) would be on actuals and are to be settled with the service partner directly
    • Localconnect will provide an invoice for the labor cost only
    • Please ask the Localconnect Service Partner before the start of service to insist on a material bill from the hardware shop. The part/material warranty or guarantee if any, would be mentioned on the material bill itself
    • Printed circuit board (PCB) or related repairs would not be done by the Localconnect Service Partner
    • Localconnect strongly discourages any kind of direct contact with our Service Partner. If such a scenario arises Localconnect will not be responsible for any service delivery or service quality guarantee

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